Ryan and Caroline Luelf

From Stage Four to No More: Ryan & Caroline Luelf

My Kid Cures Cancer Podcast Episode 002

Ryan and Caroline Luelf talk about how they successfully teamed up to bring Ryan’s diagnosis of stage four lymphoma cancer to “No Evidence of Disease” in just 14 months without utilizing chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

Ryan LuelfIn This Episode:

  • Ryan’s strategy of only learning things he needed to know
  • How Ryan and Caroline’s strong interest in personal development leading up to the cancer diagnosis prepared them for what was to come
  • Symptoms we can learn from and watch out for
  • Their thoughts on chemotherapy and how they’re actually more open to it in certain situations now after having healed without it
  • How Ryan and Caroline navigated their roles as patient and support person and worked though disagreements on the best route to take
  • The many benefits they’ve received from putting everything out in the open from the beginning
  • Their incredible success fundraising and lessons learned that anyone can follow, this might be the most important part of the interview
  • The diet they followed which was actually centered around fruit and why they think that is so important, products and therapies they incorporated, and cancer tests they use

Resources Mentioned:

The Traveler’s Gift
You Are The Placebo
Dying to Be Me
Because of Jesus Ministries
Andrew Farley Ministries
Structured Water
Liposomal vitamin c
Liposomal turmeric
SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing
Vitamin D

Ryan Luelf is 36 years old from Tulsa, OK. He’s married to his High School Sweetheart of almost 17 years, Caroline. He has 3 kids, Addison, Atlanta and Arthur, he calls them “The A Team” Ryan Luelf

At age 35 in October 2015 with zero prior medical history, he was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced lymphoma cancer. The medical community said there was no cure and that he had a better chance of dying from the chemo in the first 6 months than he did from the cancer. Ryan chose an alternative path and just 14 months after diagnosis his latest pet scan revealed cancer freedom.

He has shared his adventure with cancer publicly as it unfolded from day one. He credits God’s Grace, the support of his wife, a team of health advocates and his entire Facebook community for being the support he needed to do what it takes to get through the toughest circumstance of his life.

All you need to know about Caroline is this: Behind every great man is an even better women. Nothing could be more true as she is the brains behind this team and truly went ALL IN with Ryan to save his life. She’s been with Ryan now for over 21 years and Credits their revelation of God’s unconditional love as the guiding force in going from Stage 4 to No More.

About the Author - Ryan Sternagel
In May of 2014, when his son Ryder was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, Ryan immediately turned into a full time "dadcologist" – spending long hours researching and talking with various cancer experts from all over the world.

With everything he and his wife Teddy learned, came My Kid Cures Cancer, a site dedicated to helping all those dealing with cancer navigate through the world of natural, alternative, and integrative cancer protocols... Especially parents with the unique challenge of applying what they learn to a child.

Aside from writing articles for the site, Ryan is an advocate and coach for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

In his "spare time" he, enjoys training for and competing in triathlons, taking advantage of all the outdoor activities their home in Park City, UT has to offer, and most of all, family hikes in the woods.

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