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IMG_4276We created My Kid Cures Cancer for parents who need to know about integrative cancer treatments and how they can be applied to their child.

My Kid Cures Cancer was born just over a year after our son Ryder was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. While researching integrative treatments for him, we quickly realized the vast gap in research specifically geared for pediatric cancer.

We felt it was important to not only share our research but to share the unique day to day challenges we experienced first hand that come along with applying these treatments to kids, toddlers, infants and even teens.

On My Kid Cures Cancer we share research articles, expert interviews, endless resources including our favorite documentaries, books, and websites, everything we use, and have even created a coaching program geared specifically for parents of a child with cancer.

God Bless ♥

Ryan & Teddy


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  1. Lisa

    God bless your family!!! I found your journey on youtube regarding the budwig protocol. I think I read somewhere from you about a blood test you can do at home to detect cancer. If you know anything about that, I have a friend in need who could use the info. Thank you for your time and may the good Lord continue to guide and hold you up!


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